PMS x 100 Happy Day challenge

This 100 Happy Day challenge website has been bombarding my feed everywhere. Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook… even Instagram.

The other day, my bestfriend asked me if I wanted to do it with her. She started on February 14th. And of course.. I said no. I do have intentions to start one myself, but I didn’t want to start on February 14th.


Valentine’s Day has always been a dreadful event for me. I never really received anything for Vday.. except for anger and depression, for millions of reasons.

The challenge was about 100 days of happiness. I’ve never even gone a week without being dragged down to rock bottom. How the hell am I supposed to do 100 days in a row? It just made me realize how sad my life is becoming. I mean, I am happy with Klaud and Mico by my side.. everyday.. but.. It will be very boring if I’d post the same stuff over and over. I see the challenge as looking in between the lines and making the most out of your life.

I certainly do not do that.

For weeks now, I have been thinking of how and if I will ever do that challenge, you know.. Just for the sake of it and to prove myself that I can be happy with or without occasions.

But now, since my red flag is up.. I’ve found myself being uncontrollably grumpy and because of the pain, I probably wouldn’t see anything good in anything for now.

Soon enough, I might have enough courage to make myself happy and be able to document it.. Soon.

But for now, I will stay here in bed.. Laying on my stomach… Getting really envious of those people who find simple joy in their everyday lives while I suck the life out of everybody around me.


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