Thesis blues

Its the last semester of my year as a college sophomore and I have to do a thesis on my own for a minor subject.

I chose to do it alone tho. I dont like the hassle of being with a bunch of people who wouldn’t do anything to contribute at all and of having to contact them and cooperate with them. I don’t like working with people I barely know. I’d rather work alone.

And because I chose this and its the first time ever that I had to do a thesis… My brain is a centimeter close to exploding at the moment. In addition to that, my thesis adviser/professor is being such a bitch and has been giving me pain for three weeks now.

Right before posting this, I just got halfway through my third chapter (this requires 5 chapters), and I will have my defense next week. So that means I have Monday to Thursday to complete everything.

Cramming as it may appear, I actually am proven to be better when in rush. My focus is unbelievably steady and my brain functions properly. I just dont want to do it the day before my thesis defense tho.. I might not have energy to answer the panel properly if I don’t get to sleep well. Haha!

This is senseless. I just had to let my stress out somewhere.. Because League of Legends isn’t enough. Hahaha.


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