Countdown to Summer

Summer break wasn’t always something I looked forward to. Mostly because I didn’t like the feeling of being stuck at home doing nothing with everybody around me.

I almost began to feel antisocial once. But, things are different now.

Besides the fact that the boyf & I live together now, I just want to spend all the time I could with Klaud. I just want to stay in all day, with my boys. I guess I’ve grown to become a homebody, as my mom says. I don’t like malls anymore. I don’t like crowded places anymore.

Well, March just came in and as we all know, March is usually the start of Summer in the Philippines. Classes for this term are about to end and I’m dying to hang my uniforms back in storage and be worry free for three whole months again. I guess I just got too tired from all the BS from this semester in school.

Everybody needs a break every once in a while.


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