Education is kind of an important thing, you know?


A term known to be used by the conyo kids in highschool & college, all around the Philippines. It mostly pertains to the kids who feel cool by trashing their lives.. Well, that’s how I understand the word.

Irrelevant to the title? Not really.

Through the numerous Facebook and Twitter posts I come across with every single time I log on, I can’t help but notice some of these pa-cool kids posting their stuff on the internet. It’s not so much of a big deal at all times tho. Well, today, as I was scrolling to a huge number of K-Pop posts, love life rants, and status updates of students whining about finals week coming, I saw this post. This really, really annoying post. It was about some exam or school seat work of some sort, that the person wasn’t able to prepare for, thus, resulting to a failed mark. I didn’t really care if that person was failing or whatever, what bothered me was how many responded to the post, that the same thing happens to them all the time.

Failing. I mean, really? Is it that hard to read a couple of paragraphs? Or to listen to what your (I don’t care how old or how stupid) professor teaches? In relation to my current research for a thesis, (My thesis is about how much out of school youths one community has, and why do they let it happen to them.) I tried to go all psychological and looked deeper into that post.

It seemed like a way of getting attention. The person who posted it must feel the lack of attention, that’s why the post was published. As an immediate reaction, I posted a status update right away.

“If you think its “cool” to be failing your exams and everything, imagine yourself a few years from now. Not because Zuckerburg, Gates and more found luck and got rich after dropping out of college, doesn’t mean you will too.”

To cut the story short, I think most people rant about failing because they think it looks cool. Plus, the numerous memes & posts I find on 9Gag & Tumblr pertaining to most billionaires not finishing college.. What will happen to the future-_- From my thesis research, about 40% of the youth nowadays are not enrolled nor employed. Is that the life they want? I certainly don’t.

I’ve lived the “cool kid” life, with cigs, alcohol, and partying for so many years, I guess I just kind of outgrew it over the course of time. I found friends from different social classes, and I guess I will stay with the kind of people who could always have me at hello – the geeks. I consider myself a geek. Only, not so much. In high school, I’ve been friends with the people who were always on the honor roll. In college, I didn’t really like “fitting in” with the cool kids. Their lifestyle was too loud and they obtained notoriety anywhere they went. I like living the quiet life. You know, hanging out with a few friends, no alcoholic drinks, stories about mostly anything and everything under the sun. I like that kind of group, because it’s not likely that you find people who become bad influence there. Usually, they’re the kind of people who help each other stay on top of their game.

And as I was raised to value education as much as I value myself, I am pretty determined to get college over and done with. I know my chances of succeeding like Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerburg are around 0.000001%. That’s why I’m working hard. Plus, I hate failure. Getting a 5.0 as a final grade is like being stabbed in the neck or something.

LONG STORY SHORT, YOU NEED TO STUDY, GUYS. Luck isn’t in everyone’s favor. I’m proud to be a geek, call me a buzzkill, or whatever, but I know this will lead me to a better life. Just saying.


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