Toddler Issues

When you’re as talkative as I am, you just can’t help but have moments where you want to talk, or write, or just say things but you can’t even organize them in your head yet. And tonight is one of those moments, and I think I’m gonna write about my little cloud of sunshine. ūüôā

The boyf is out on some seminar about a business we’re both planning to start since 5pm this afternoon, and I’ve a toddler with me who blabs about everything he thinks about.. Literally. He’s like at one moment he talks about¬†Toy Story, then the next thing about balloons and their colors, and before you know it, he jumps to another topic, something about snowmen or whatever.

Anyway, having a toddler at home really does take stress away. Like for example, after a rough day at school with major subjects like Spanish, Tourism stuff and PE classes,¬†coming home¬†to a jolly little man makes everything a-okay. Despite the fact that he’s overly active and energetic¬†ALLthe time, that bright sunny smile he flashes at me whenever I come through the¬†front door¬†is just about enough to take all the stress away. He’s a blessing. He’s my own bundle of joy (and pain at the same time). I couldn’t even imagine my life without him anymore.


So, my¬†little baby¬†man’s turning 4 this May and I can’t help but be amazed by how time flies so fast. Its like it was only yesterday when I was putting him to sleep in my arms, bundled in his infant clothes and his baby blanket that was only as big as a bandana, now he’s the one telling me when it’s bedtime already, and that he wants me in bed beside him. Most of the time, he wants people talking to him. So, even if we barely understand what he’s babbling about, we just talk to him. Just because he wants us to. And I can tell that he likes it when we do that, like somehow, someone is listening to him. He’s the only blessing I am proud to keep. He’s the best blessing God has ever given us.

Before we had him, I was a total wreck. I got drunk everywhere. Alcohol technically never leaved my system anymore. I was smoking like a pothead. I used to never want to go home. God needed to give me a signal to change my lifestyle. To change my views on life itself. To change who I was as a whole. God gave me this kid as his signal, and I am and will be forever thankful for that.

 I was never nor will I ever be ashamed of my situation. 

I¬†love¬†being a mom and a wife, specially to these monkeys I have. Its like everyday’s a rollercoaster ride with random hoops and slopes and peaks. Having these two is like having everything. Actually, they are my everything. I dedicate most of what I do to them. Even¬†social media!

But the thing is, everything has limits. Even me being proud as a mom and a wife. Technically, I’m no wife because I’m not married yet. But I know the right time will come. Also, I couldn’t give my little macaroni everything he needs yet, as I am not¬†employed, and I don’t have stable monetary income yet. But then again, there is a right time for everything, and I am willing to wait. Mostly because I believe that patience is a virtue, and virtues make up most of our successes in life.

I don’t know how many paragraphs I will be able to write in describing how I love these men. Maybe words just aren’t enough. xx


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