Start building your future. Start it here.

With all the expenses I have to comply with in being both a student and a mom, allowance and tiny extra sources just couldn’t catch up with it. After all the negativity, all the doubts and all the thinking I did day-in and day-out, I’ve decided to try my luck in business and entrepreneurship.

Just a week ago, a friend came up to me and asked me if I wanted to earn money. Who wouldn’t say no? And then he introduced me to Cognoa International Inc.

Cognoa International is a company founded by the same owners of E-Global, Cybertising and more. They are partners with David’s Teahouse and American TESOL, an institute for English Proficiency programs such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, ESL, IEP, and more. Plus, we are also TESDA Accredited. (Just in case some of you are wondering if we’re legitimate or not.)

Image Long story short, it’s a business opportunity fit for anybody who’s willing to succeed in life. 

At such a low capital, it is very appealing to a very wide market. It ranges people with the same situation as I am, (student parents) to most of businessmen who just want to expand their networks and businesses. Some keep on saying that what we promote is somehow “too good to be true“. I agree with that. But our system is highly protected and structured by one of the most successful people in this career. Plus, the company belongs to a family of wealthy, well-established businessmen, thus, lessening the possibilities of failure and breakdown.



So here’s basically what we are offering.

Let’s start off with the English Proficiency classes.

  • We offer a free two (2) week training of the Intensive English Program. The IEP is recommended for those wanting to work in Call Centers, all around the Metro. But we do not limit holders in that industry. The IEP can also be used by aspiring Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, etc. 
  • You get a 50% discount on all English Proficiency Courses that the institute offers. As for being partners with American TESOL, the company is giving half price discounts to all members, for all of the said courses offered by the institute. These could be used by people who would want to work and/or migrate abroad, as most countries now require an IELTS or TOEFL certification for all immigrants & workers abroad.

Sounds good? There’s more. 

Cognoa International Inc. offers a prepaid loading business to all members, powered by Load Central



Every member is entitled to a free account associated with Load Central, giving them the ability to be a retailer of all prepaid credits for these networks in the country.

We also offer the following:

  • Death Insurance (kidding aside.)
  • Goji Products (for re-selling)
  • And thousands of extra bonuses.

And this is all for only Php 2,888.00

Cognoa International Inc. also offers food cart franchising services, sponsored by the same makers of the food served and sold in all David’s Teahouse branches.



For only Php 21,888.00

Great benefits, eh? 

If you’re interested in becoming one of our partners, please do not hesitate to contact me at: & 0927-757-6899

Start building your future. Start it here.


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