Open minds open doors

Its funny how most Filipinos have the mindset of being contented with the least thing they could have. Like salaries and wages for example. Most Filipinos wouldn’t aim high, because minimum wage could pay the rent and buy them food. What about the dreams they made as young people? Do they still have plans on getting there? I don’t think so.

I have nothing against the typical Filipino mentality. I just made this post, hoping to be able to open the minds of those who will read.

When we’re young, we are always taught to study hard in order for us to graduate and be employed in a company with a salary that could get us through our everyday lives. To me, it’s a routine. Why do we have to do that? Because society says so? Whatever happened to building your own future?

I believe that the future is already within our reach. The good life. The bright future that everybody aims for. We control it, and it’s just a matter of good decision making, and how you manipulate the things that could and would happen to mold your future. We can never depend on anybody, aside from ourselves. Our peers can help us, but they do not have control over what the results will be. 

So, my point here is? 

WAKE UP. Wake up, and realize that you should not listen to what people are telling you. You have to follow what your heart and mind agrees on. Its not true that you need advice in decision making. It may be hard, but you can work it out on your own. You just have to trust yourself.

Let’s face it. Most of the rich people in our country are either businessmen or politicians. If you’re not a descendant of any, you wouldn’t make it big as an employee.

We have dreams. We were raised to have dreams. But what happens to those dreams? They disappear from our lives just because the dreams we have are too impossible to attain, therefore, staying in our minds, remaining as dreams forever. When do we plan to start working on them? When we’re 40? 50? 60? 70? Why not start now? You can. Nothing’s impossible. 


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