Happy 2nd year to my lame blog!!

Its actually very surprising! Today’s the 2nd year anniversary of this blog. *cue confetti*

Thank you to everybody who patronizes and take a little time to read my blog. Very appreciated, I swear 🙂

On the other hand, I took the big boy out last night. And it rained. And we had an accident. But the kid’s okay, no worries. I just got wounded and bruised all over. But of course, I wouldn’t post the gruesome photos of my wounds and bruises from last night, cause that might prevent people from visiting my blog ever again – or even mistake my blog for a gore-themed one.

We went out to get the boyf’s phone from the service center. We took it in a few months ago for repair. The kid saw tons of stuff, and I know that it made him happy, considering the fact that we don’t take him out that much anymore. And that made me more than happy.

Aside from that, the boyf gave me a laptop, not brand new, but its better than my rusty old computer. He said its a late birthday gift. Thanks, babe!

And… Tomorrow’s my first day at work. I’m still very enthusiastic despite the fact that I’m sorta injured. And I’m actually having ‘visions’ of how my work days in the future would be. That’s normal, right?

Oh well. Wish me luck! I need to rest my body as it hasn’t even recovered from last night’s trauma yet, and I need all the energy I could have for the commute and the work load I’ll be assigned to tomorrow. Ciao!



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