Annual Hospital Stay-cation

So, this is really disturbing. This isn’t a coincidental event anymore, it happens annually, and its bothering me.

From when Klaud was born, the year never ended without us spending a week or two in the hospital. This time, it was a bit serious tho. Klaud almost tested positive for Primary Complex.

On July 28 (Monday), the hubby sent me a message while I was at work regarding Klaud’s condition, as he was already slightly feverish before I left. That was around 9pm. He told me that the baby was vomiting everywhere, and didn’t want to eat/drink milk anymore.

We thought it was the normal cough x cold combo he gets every now and then- which usually go away after he discharges all the phlegm in his system. But last week it wasn’t like that. Tuesday came, and so did Wednesday, he had fever that spiked up to 39 degrees ++ every now and then, plus the occasional vomiting and lesser intake of both milk and food. That didn’t bother me much tho. He never really ate food. He was more dependent on milk.

I went home early on Thursday morning to check on him, because I was too nervous, as he already had a convulsion episode when he was about 8 months old, and I, as a mother, do not want that to happen again. He was okay when I got home. So we spent the morning and rested altogether.

Day 1


Thursday went by fast. And by that afternoon, he was vomiting again. So then, we decided to rush him over to the hospital.

We knew it. He was to be admitted, because of dehydration – AGAIN.

His fever was gone in no time, but the appetite wasn’t back.

Now we’re still here at the hospital, although he’s already okay, I decided to stay a few more nights until the medication is done. One, because I don’t have the time and patience to give him the meds myself. And two, because my son needs rest from the very stressful environment at home.

A lot of people have been visiting and wishing my son well while we are here. And everything’s so heartwarming, I couldn’t thank everybody enough.. Specially those who sent me these 🙂





Klaud’s classmates wishing him well


An old friend, wishing for Klaud’s speedy recovery.

And here are two photos that show his speedy recovery. Thanks to all the prayers, and all the doctors and nurses who attended to him. We know he’s a handful, but thanks for the patience.



10557169_681145955297587_4806791014049077403_n  10592859_681414871937362_1092077183373501862_n


Now we just got a discharge order for tomorrow afternoon. Klaud will be home, and he will be the same cheerful, active kid everybody loves.


Thank you, God.

For never failing us, for always being there for us, for always guiding us, and for always taking care of us. I may never be the best mother Klaud could have, but I know you made me his mom for a reason. I may fail most of the time in being the mom that he needs, but I know he would never ask for more. 

I’m still learning a lot, and I appreciate the guidance you give us. 

Thank you, God. Thank you for loving us.


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