The computer is back. I brought it back from the dead. Just kidding. It was almost dead though.

So, now it’s back and I’m back to the usual blogging again. Staying up in the wee hours of the night, with soup and cigarettes.

Today, I went out with a bunch of my teammates to celebrate a birthday. It started out fun, honestly. But as all parties go, something or someone will always be the vibe-killer. This time tho, the vibe-killer wasn’t drunk, nor was he high. He was just some gay guy in denial that just couldn’t keep his insecurities to himself.

This guy, he used to be very fun. Used to be. Now he’s that one office mate that’s a bigger ass than that of a donkey’s.

He started out picking on me, in a funny manner. Making inside jokes to teasing me to calling me names to judging my entire being. We were with seniors, and they were very attentive to what happened. I broke down because of the mix of alcohol, lack of sleep, stress and pressure that I was feeling at the time. And it seemed to have made me the bad person in the situation. The problem was personal, but he insisted that it was somehow work-related or that it was affecting my performance at work.

Honestly, I didn’t really get why he kept on telling me that it was affecting my performance that bad. I mean, I was actually doing better than he was. 

Anyway, I wasn’t really drunk, so I have perfect recollection of everything he said. And its too annoying that he speaks like a know-it-all because he’s had years of experience in the BPO Industry, and as per my achievements, I was the “underdog”. 

It was offensive. It was obnoxiously said. It was insensitively spoken.


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