Danielle’s Bucket List :-)

#1 Get married, and be Mrs. Mico Jacobe

#2 Travel the Philippines by land

  • This, I really want to do! With my love, of course. No trip would be fun without him. I wanna go from North to South, and back, via land. No planes, no ships, just a car.

#3 Be a good parent and wife

#4 Walk under the rain

  • Actually with no particular place to go. Just wander off. Under the rain.

#5 Have a bubble-party

#6 Get wasted as hell

#7 Spend my birthday with everyone I love, all at the same time

  • This never happened. Ever. I want it to happen before I die. A huge party, with all my friends and family there, just having fun. No worries, no nothing. Laughter, smiles, and love all because of me.

#8 Spend a day at a nursing home

  • I want to experience how it is to take care of old people. Seriously. Hahaha. Because most people living in nursing homes don’t have families anymore. Or their families don’t want them around anymore. I would want to make old people smile, and feel appreciated. They deserve it.

#9 Shave my head bald

  • I’ve always wanted to look unique, and people say that a woman’s beauty comes out when she’s really simple. That’s why before I die, I wanna see how I look like when I’m bald

#10 Be a runway model

  • Since I was young, I was mostly a bit boyish. All that changed when I got to puberty, I decided that I shouldn’t waste my beauty by acting all rough and stuff. I wanna lose weight, and be a runway model.

#11 Build a Filipino Doll House Community

  • I saw this post just a few minutes ago and reblogged it here. I love how it showed real Filipino life. For me, this version’s better than those mansion doll houses, and when I have the time, I’m gonna make one of my own too. 🙂

#12 Have a baby girl

#13 See Klaud grow as an achiever

  • May it be a small recognition or big awards, I want to see him excel in his interests. I will support him all the way, just like how my mom did with me 🙂

#14 Be known for my passion

  • I haven’t found that one thing I’m really passionate for atm,  but I know soon I will. And when I do, I want to be known for it.

#15 Live on my own with my boys at the age of 25

  • This, tho.. I would want it to happen as soon as possible.

#16 Have a bachelor’s degree

  • I’m not even setting a time-table for this anymore. I just want to have one, before I die. Haha!

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