Visita Iglesia 2014

Being a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo my entire life, I’ve never experienced the different stuff that most catholics do – Holy Week traditions, Christmas traditions, and feast days.

This year, my in-laws brought us to Bulacan, to do Visita Iglesia. This was my first. I love their family, mainly because they’re all attached to one another, in a way that bonding is never forgotten.


And today’s route was Bulacan-QC-Marikina. It was a very exhausting trip, but I enjoyed every second of it.

I got to visit different churches. All were very breath taking. Every church had its own history, and getting to visit them made me feel a bit of that history.


It was nice having to leave the technology at home, too. I didn’t register for any surfing promos today, so I was pretty much away from the world of social media the entire day. I got to spend it fully with my boys ūüôā


The weather was almost unbearable, but then again, nothing beats sacrifice for Him, who sacrificed His life for us all.

I didn’t get to do the stations tho. I didn’t know how to do it, and that little monkey in jean jumpers just couldn’t contain himself, and we had to run after him all the time. I’m hoping next year we could already do the legit Visita Iglesia.



The wonders of sharing

Since I was young, I only considered teaching as a profession maybe once. That time, I was a bit desperate to be near Mico. Since he was studying at Philippine Normal University, and the courses offered there are all for Education, that was the only time I wanted to pursue the career. 

But recently, (as I have been posting & promoting here) I came across this school/institute. The American TESOL Institute – Philippines. They offer English Proficiency courses. And, as members of Cognoa International, we were entitled to discounts and a free Intensive English training. I visited the school just once, and I think I felt comfortable already. And then I thought, “Why not try teaching?”

The morning after, I sent them my resume. I knew my chances of being hired were minimal. One, because I’m an undergrad, and two, because I don’t have teaching experience yet. But something was still pushing me, so I still sent it and honestly, I was waiting for an answer.

Two weeks later, I received a call.

I was called in for an interview, and surprisingly, they offered me to take the TESOL course, and start teaching there! ūüôā So, aside from being a bit of an entrepreneur, I am going to be an ESL teacher in the near future. I am more than thankful, more than grateful for this opportunity.

Someone once told me that your life isn’t worth it if you haven’t ever shared anything to anybody. And now, I will get the chance to share what I know in speaking the English language. This is an unexpected career step, but I think this could be the start of something life changing. And I am thanking ATI for it ūüôā

So to you guys reading this now, if you’re interested in taking these proficiency courses, let me know! I’ll be glad to answer your questions! ūüėÄ

Open minds open doors

Its funny how most Filipinos have the mindset of being contented with the least thing they could have. Like salaries and wages for example. Most Filipinos wouldn’t aim high, because minimum wage could pay the rent and buy them food. What about the dreams they made as young people? Do they still have plans on getting there? I don’t think so.

I have nothing against the typical Filipino mentality. I just made this post, hoping to be able to open the minds of those who will read.

When we’re young, we are always taught to study hard in order for us to graduate and be employed in a company with a salary that could get us through our everyday lives. To me, it’s a routine. Why do we have to do that? Because society says so? Whatever happened to¬†building your own future?

I believe that the future is already within our reach. The good life. The bright future that everybody aims for. We control it, and it’s just a matter of good decision making, and how you manipulate the things that could and would happen to mold your future. We can never depend on anybody, aside from ourselves. Our peers can help us, but they do not have control over what the results will be.¬†

So, my point here is? 

WAKE UP. Wake up, and realize that you should not listen to what people are telling you. You have to follow what your heart and mind agrees on. Its not true that you need advice in decision making. It may be hard, but you can work it out on your own. You just have to trust yourself.

Let’s face it. Most of the rich people in our country are either¬†businessmen or politicians. If you’re not a descendant of any, you wouldn’t make it big as an employee.

We have dreams. We were raised to have dreams. But what happens to those dreams? They disappear from our lives just because the dreams we have are too impossible to attain, therefore, staying in our minds, remaining as dreams forever. When do we plan to start working on them? When we’re 40? 50? 60? 70? Why not start now? You can. Nothing’s¬†impossible.¬†

Start building your future. Start it here.

With all the expenses I have to comply with in being both a student and a mom, allowance and tiny extra sources just couldn’t catch up with it. After all the negativity, all the doubts and all the thinking I did day-in and day-out, I’ve decided to try my luck in business and entrepreneurship.

Just a week ago, a friend came up to me and asked me if I wanted to earn money. Who wouldn’t say no? And then he introduced me to Cognoa International Inc.

Cognoa International is a company founded by the same owners of E-Global, Cybertising and more. They are partners with David’s Teahouse¬†and¬†American TESOL, an institute for English Proficiency programs such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, ESL, IEP, and more. Plus, we are also TESDA Accredited. (Just in case some of you are wondering if we’re legitimate or not.)

Image¬†Long story short, it’s a business opportunity fit for anybody who’s willing to succeed in life.¬†

At such a low capital, it is very appealing to a very wide market. It ranges people with the same situation as I am, (student parents) to most of businessmen who just want to expand their networks and businesses. Some keep on saying that what we promote is somehow “too good to be true“. I agree with that. But our system is highly protected and structured by one of the most successful people in this career. Plus, the company belongs to a family of wealthy, well-established businessmen, thus, lessening the possibilities of failure and breakdown.



So here’s basically what we are offering.

Let’s start off with the English Proficiency classes.

  • We offer a free two (2) week training of the Intensive English Program.¬†The IEP is recommended for those wanting to work in Call Centers, all around the Metro. But we do not limit holders in that industry. The IEP can also be used by aspiring Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, etc.¬†
  • You get a 50% discount on all English Proficiency Courses that the institute offers. As for being partners with American TESOL, the company is giving half price discounts to all members, for all of the said courses offered by the institute. These could be used by people who would want to work and/or migrate abroad, as most countries now require an¬†IELTS¬†or¬†TOEFL¬†certification for all immigrants & workers abroad.

Sounds good? There’s more.¬†

Cognoa International Inc. offers a prepaid loading business to all members, powered by Load Central



Every member is entitled to a free account associated with Load Central, giving them the ability to be a retailer of all prepaid credits for these networks in the country.

We also offer the following:

  • Death Insurance (kidding aside.)
  • Goji Products (for re-selling)
  • And thousands of extra bonuses.

And this is all for only Php 2,888.00

Cognoa International Inc.¬†also offers food cart franchising services, sponsored by the same makers of the food served and sold in all¬†David’s Teahouse¬†branches.



For only Php 21,888.00

Great benefits, eh? 

If you’re interested in becoming one of our partners, please do not hesitate to contact me at: & 0927-757-6899

Start building your future. Start it here.

Toddler Issues

When you’re as talkative as I am, you just can’t help but have moments where you want to talk, or write, or just say things but you can’t even organize them in your head yet. And tonight is one of those moments, and I think I’m gonna write about my little cloud of sunshine. ūüôā

The boyf is out on some seminar about a business we’re both planning to start since 5pm this afternoon, and I’ve a toddler with me who blabs about everything he thinks about.. Literally. He’s like at one moment he talks about¬†Toy Story, then the next thing about balloons and their colors, and before you know it, he jumps to another topic, something about snowmen or whatever.

Anyway, having a toddler at home really does take stress away. Like for example, after a rough day at school with major subjects like Spanish, Tourism stuff and PE classes,¬†coming home¬†to a jolly little man makes everything a-okay. Despite the fact that he’s overly active and energetic¬†ALLthe time, that bright sunny smile he flashes at me whenever I come through the¬†front door¬†is just about enough to take all the stress away. He’s a blessing. He’s my own bundle of joy (and pain at the same time). I couldn’t even imagine my life without him anymore.


So, my¬†little baby¬†man’s turning 4 this May and I can’t help but be amazed by how time flies so fast. Its like it was only yesterday when I was putting him to sleep in my arms, bundled in his infant clothes and his baby blanket that was only as big as a bandana, now he’s the one telling me when it’s bedtime already, and that he wants me in bed beside him. Most of the time, he wants people talking to him. So, even if we barely understand what he’s babbling about, we just talk to him. Just because he wants us to. And I can tell that he likes it when we do that, like somehow, someone is listening to him. He’s the only blessing I am proud to keep. He’s the best blessing God has ever given us.

Before we had him, I was a total wreck. I got drunk everywhere. Alcohol technically never leaved my system anymore. I was smoking like a pothead. I used to never want to go home. God needed to give me a signal to change my lifestyle. To change my views on life itself. To change who I was as a whole. God gave me this kid as his signal, and I am and will be forever thankful for that.

 I was never nor will I ever be ashamed of my situation. 

I¬†love¬†being a mom and a wife, specially to these monkeys I have. Its like everyday’s a rollercoaster ride with random hoops and slopes and peaks. Having these two is like having everything. Actually, they are my everything. I dedicate most of what I do to them. Even¬†social media!

But the thing is, everything has limits. Even me being proud as a mom and a wife. Technically, I’m no wife because I’m not married yet. But I know the right time will come. Also, I couldn’t give my little macaroni everything he needs yet, as I am not¬†employed, and I don’t have stable monetary income yet. But then again, there is a right time for everything, and I am willing to wait. Mostly because I believe that patience is a virtue, and virtues make up most of our successes in life.

I don’t know how many paragraphs I will be able to write in describing how I love these men. Maybe words just aren’t enough. xx

Desktop Issues

I own a 7 year old Acer aspire desktop computer. And I am trying to restore it yet again today. I haven’t used it properly since this morning because of some RAM related issues. I hate it when things like that happen.

Now its kinda like in the state of confinement in a hospital when a person gets sick. Monitored, observed, and having tests run through it.

I can’t wait to use it the way it used to be ūüė¶

Education is kind of an important thing, you know?


A term known to be used by the conyo kids in highschool & college, all around the Philippines. It mostly pertains to the kids who feel cool by trashing their lives.. Well, that’s how I understand the word.

Irrelevant to the title? Not really.

Through the numerous Facebook and Twitter posts I come across with every single time I log on, I can’t help but notice some of these pa-cool kids posting their stuff on the internet. It’s not so much of a big deal at all times tho. Well, today, as I was scrolling to a huge number of K-Pop posts, love life rants, and status updates of students whining about finals week coming, I saw this post. This really, really annoying post. It was about some exam or school seat work of some sort, that the person wasn’t able to prepare for, thus, resulting to a failed mark. I didn’t really care if that person was failing or whatever, what bothered me was how many responded to the post, that the same thing happens to them all the time.

Failing. I mean, really? Is it that hard to read a couple of paragraphs? Or to listen to what your (I don’t care how old or how stupid) professor teaches? In relation to my current research for a thesis, (My thesis is about how much out of school youths one community has, and why do they let it happen to them.) I tried to go all psychological and looked deeper into that post.

It seemed like a way of getting attention. The person who posted it must feel the lack of attention, that’s why the post was published. As an immediate reaction, I posted a status update right away.

“If you think its “cool” to be failing your exams and everything, imagine yourself a few years from now. Not because Zuckerburg, Gates and more found luck and got rich after dropping out of college, doesn’t mean you will too.”

To cut the story short, I think most people rant about failing because they think it looks cool. Plus, the numerous memes & posts I find on 9Gag & Tumblr pertaining to most billionaires not finishing college.. What will happen to the future-_- From my thesis research, about 40% of the youth nowadays are not enrolled nor employed. Is that the life they want? I certainly don’t.

I’ve lived the “cool kid” life, with cigs, alcohol, and partying for so many years, I guess I just kind of outgrew it over the course of time. I found friends from different social classes, and I guess I will stay with the kind of people who could always have me at hello – the geeks. I consider myself a geek. Only, not so much. In high school, I’ve been friends with the people who were always on the honor roll. In college, I didn’t really like “fitting in” with the cool kids. Their lifestyle was too loud and they obtained notoriety anywhere they went. I like living the quiet life. You know, hanging out with a few friends, no alcoholic drinks, stories about mostly anything and everything under the sun. I like that kind of group, because it’s not likely that you find people who become bad influence there. Usually, they’re the kind of people who help each other stay on top of their game.

And as I was raised to value education as much as I value myself, I am pretty determined to get college over and done with. I know my chances of succeeding like Bill Gates & Mark Zuckerburg are around 0.000001%. That’s why I’m working hard. Plus, I hate failure. Getting a 5.0 as a final grade is like being stabbed in the neck or something.

LONG STORY SHORT, YOU NEED TO STUDY, GUYS. Luck isn’t in everyone’s favor. I’m proud to be a geek, call me a buzzkill, or whatever, but I know this will lead me to a better life. Just saying.

Countdown to Summer

Summer break wasn’t always something I looked forward to. Mostly because I didn’t like the feeling of being stuck at home doing nothing with everybody around me.

I almost began to feel antisocial once. But, things are different now.

Besides the fact that the boyf & I live together now, I just want to spend all the time I could with Klaud. I just want to stay in all day, with my boys. I guess I’ve grown to become a homebody, as my mom says. I don’t like malls anymore. I don’t like crowded places anymore.

Well, March just came in and as we all know, March is usually the start of Summer in the Philippines. Classes for this term are about to end and I’m dying to hang my uniforms back in storage and be worry free for three whole months again. I guess I just got too tired from all the BS from this semester in school.

Everybody needs a break every once in a while.

Thesis blues

Its the last semester of my year as a college sophomore and I have to do a thesis on my own for a minor subject.

I chose to do it alone tho. I dont like the hassle of being with a bunch of people who wouldn’t do anything to contribute at all and of having to contact them and cooperate with them. I don’t like working with people I barely know. I’d rather work alone.

And because I chose this and its the first time ever that I had to do a thesis… My brain is a centimeter close to exploding at the moment. In addition to that, my thesis adviser/professor is being such a bitch and has been giving me pain for three weeks now.

Right before posting this, I just got halfway through my third chapter (this requires 5 chapters), and I will have my defense next week. So that means I have Monday to Thursday to complete everything.

Cramming as it may appear, I actually am proven to be better when in rush. My focus is unbelievably steady and my brain functions properly. I just dont want to do it the day before my thesis defense tho.. I might not have energy to answer the panel properly if I don’t get to sleep well. Haha!

This is senseless. I just had to let my stress out somewhere.. Because League of Legends isn’t enough. Hahaha.