Enrollment Dilemma

Since almost being an instructor at ATI-Phils, I’ve been having this annoying dilemma for days now.

To enroll or not to?

This being my first job, I’m gonna have to have time to focus and adjust, of course, as I’m not yet used to the environment of being employed. Also, I figured, with all the dreams and goals (both short and long term) that I’ve set for myself, I’m gonna have to start pursuing them early, and this could be a pretty good start. Aaaand, that’s what’s bringing me to the side of skipping this semester and starting fresh on October.

On the other hand…

I’ve been itching to finish the remaining 2 years I have in college in order for me to be able to go full time on this job some time in the future. Aside from that, I am 500% sure that the mother wouldn’t approve of me stopping school for a while too. I’ve been studying so long, this would cause a very huge fight between us.

So what should I do now? I have less than a month to decide. This is confusing.



Pacquiao’s Filipino fans crushed. Dignity? More like monetary.


Okay. So earlier today, this thing happened. Pacquiao vs Marquez… 4. Would you believe it? They’ve been in the ring three times before already, but they still had a rematch.

Anyway, that’s not what this is about.

I spent the day at Mico’s place, and since we were with Macaroni, we weren’t able to see the whole match. Mico & his older brother were betting on who was gonna win. Mico placed his bet on Marquez, while his brother had his money set on Pacquiao. I didn’t care. I never did. I watched his fights only when everyone else was. Usually at my dad’s place. Around 1pm, his parents were watching the fight while we were busy watching DVDs. His mom constantly updated us from inside their room about the match. Well, I wasn’t sure if she was updating us, or if she was just making side comments that were heard through the living room. Well, back to the fight. Manny Pacquiao got knocked out a few times and the match ended in SIX rounds. Mico was happy, he won. And kept on saying that he saw it coming.

When I got home, I logged onto Facebook, and saw edited photos of screenshots from the fight. The photos say stuff like, “its not Pacquiao’s fault..”, “Pacquiao is still our hero..” and more, justifying his loss. Some status posts also state that it was biased, blah. Pacquiao wasnt ready and more like it. Judging by the 6th round, Pacquiao wasn’t really himself. I mean, I’ve seen him fight countless times, and he’s never like that. Something’s wrong. And its none of our business anymore. But what the hell. I even saw photos and posts saying Pacquiao was humiliated and so was our country. SCREW THAT SHIT. They’re only mad because they placed bets of big amounts on Pacquiao which, obviously, are put to waste. They’ve gained so much interest on him, and so much trust that they were practically thinking he was immortal, and that there wasn’t any chance of losing. Well, news flash everyone! People grow old and get tired. Rumors of his retirement have been spreading for quite a while now, and who knows if he’s still that into boxing? I mean, with all that he’s earned, and him being a politician now, why would he need the body pain, the bruises and the scars? If I were him, the moment I earn enough money, I’d quit the league and start my own business to assure income. Boxing is such a brutal sport, and I salute all our Filipino boxers.. As well as those from all around the world. Its not an easy thing to do, and they do it so well. I’m leading off..

Back to my rant. People should just stop judging Pacman for what happened. He’s just human. Just like all of us. He lost, its a big loss. He’s the pound-for-pound king for crying out loud! What more do you want? People quit everything. You can’t do something like that forever. It could’ve killed him. But he’s still holding his head high, for himself, his family, his fans, and our country. It’s not his fault you bet so much on him. It’s not his fault he lost. Things happen for a reason, and maybe its about time he left the industry. He’s aging, and he has a family who needs him. GIVE HIM A BREAK!

Annoying people are just so annoying. I had to let this out.

Kudos to Manny Pacquiao for an awesome job. I salute you for your courage, for your strength, and for the pride & glory you’ve brought the Philippines. Losing once doesn’t make you a loser for life. Quitting because of one loss does. Keep moving forward!! šŸ™‚